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Reading Insights






New Books in the LMC:  Please click on the link or scan the QR Code.







Recently Added  Playaways:

Allegiant                                  Veronica Roth                         F Rot

Book Thief, The                      Markus Zusak                          F Zus

Ender’s Game                          Orson Scott Card                     F Car

Fault in Our Stars, The             John Green                              F Gre

Thirteen Reasons Why              Jay Asher                                 F Ash

Wonder                                      R.J. Palacio                              F Pal


Finding Books in a Series:

A wonderful place to find books in a series is this website:

Books included in this database are not necessarily owned or available in the Parkview LMC.  Please check Alexandria for holdings.

Book Suggestions:

If students or staff have titles of books that you would like to see added to the Parkview LMC, please give your suggestions to Mrs. Slove or Mrs. Buehl to be considered for purchase.

Using Novelist in Badgerlink to Find Books:

For example, if you wanted to find scary books:  use BadgerLink-- a free fulltext database that is free to Wisconsin citizens.  The URL is:

The resource in BadgerLink that you will want to use is Novelist k-8. Novelist helps you locate age-appropriate, reading level appropriate books. Novelist provides premade reading lists.

Instructions for finding Scary Story reading lists:

1.      Go to

2.      Click on Novelist K-8

3.      Using the sidebar in Novelist,

a.      Select the age level

b.      Go down and click on Horror

c.       Select your Horror sub-genre

4.      Enjoy your reading list!




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