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Vision for the Parkview Elementary Comprehensive

School Counseling Program

By ALL...

All of the people at school and in the community can help you to learn and grow. We want you to be successful and healthy.

For ALL...

All of our students deserve to learn about things that are useful and important in our lives.

Learn about Self

Learn about the World

Make Meaningful Connections Between the Two!


School Counseling is for Everyone!

The mission of the Parkview School District School Counseling Program is to contribute to the assurance of the academic and career success and personal/social development of every student.                                                                        


The Parkview Elementary Comprehensive School Counseling Program is based on the Wisconsin Comprehensive School Counseling Model and the American School Counseling Association National Model which integrates academic, career, and personal/social development.

Research indicates that the benefits of a developmental school counseling program improves:

  • School attitudes and work habits, which correlate to dropping out or staying in school.
  • Peer relationships and communication skills.
  • Motivation, behavior, and grades, which correlate to learning and achievement.

An elementary school counseling program aims to impact student's self-esteem through intervention and prevention services. Students develop socially and emotionally, as well as physically and cognitively. A comprehensive program can address the vital process skills students must have in the workplace tomorrow, as well as intervene in problems that interfere with learning today.

A balanced, comprehensive program consists of coordination, prevention, and intervention techniques. A counselor provides academic support to the classroom teacher to ensure that each individual student learns as much as possible. A counselor coordinates with teachers, parents, and administrators to provide an optimal learning environment for all students.


  • To help all students learn (achieve) as efficiently and effectively as possible.
  • To have an impact on the major skill areas that are necessary for success as an adult.


  • Understanding the school environment.
  • Understanding attitudes and behaviors.
  • Developing decision-making and problem-solving skills.
  • Developing interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Developing social-success skills.
  • Creating career awareness and educational planning.
  • Creating community pride and involvement.

Mrs. Driftmier offers the following services:

  • Individual counseling
  • Small group counseling
  • Classroom developmental guidance activities
  • Career exploration
  • Parent assistance/consultation

If you feel like your child would benefit from counseling services, please feel free to contact Mrs. Driftmier, school counselor, at 608-879-2956 ext 2117 or at

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