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Parkview Elementary Library Media Center

Parkview Elementary Library Media Center

The Parkview Elementary LMC BOGO Book Fair will be April 19 - April 24th.

         The Fair will be open during Fine Arts Night on April 24th.


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 TumbleBooks is a great source of elementary eBooks that offers wonderful stories that students can read, have read to them, and do various activities once they have read the book. Constantly updated with many popular children's books.  TumbleBooks recently launched TumbleBook-Of-The-Day.  A brand new book will appear every day.  Books will correspond to seasons, holidays, and events.

What a school thinks of its library, is a measure of what it thinks about education.
Harold Howe, former Commissioner of Education
Temporary Access to ABDO Zoom Animals through 11/25/16

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This shows the books that OES has in its library.

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Media Specialist for Parkview Elementary School
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Terry Govert


 Frequently Asked Questions

How does Accelerated Reader work?

Each teacher decides how many tests students are required to pass for the quarter and also decide if they want the student to read fiction, nonfiction, or biography. Students can take more tests than the teacher has required. Not all books are AR books. The level the student is reading at is determined by the MAP Lexile Scores and the Accelerated Reader grade level identification. Students pick out books that are interesting to them. OES has over 1500 books that have Accelerated Reader Quizes to go with them on all genre and reading level.

How long can a child keep a book checked out from the LMC?

A child can keep a book checked out from the LMC for two weeks and can renew it as many times as necessary unless there is a waiting list for the book.

How many books can a child check out at one time?

The usual limit is 2 unless the student is working on a research project.

How does the LMC deal with overdue books?

There is no fines for overdue books, however the student may not check out another book until the overdue book is returned.

What happens if a book is lost or damaged beyond repair?

The child is responsible to pay for the book or replace the book with one of the same title and in good condition. The LMC would much prefer the book over the money. If the book is found within a 6 week period or over the summer, the money is returned.

How often can a child come to the LMC?

Each classroom has one or two designated times for book check out, but usually the teacher can also send the student down other than those times.

Does the elementary library take book donations?

Each library takes book donations of books that are in excellent condition and do not have any identifying markings indicating it was a book owned by someone else.

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